21 April 2011

Capture The Moment

Photography is a huge part of snowboard media. Photographers have a great deal of influence on who we see and how we see the riders that grace the pages of our favorite snowboard magazines. We all know the "greats," Blotto, Cole Barash, Scott Serfas, Andy Wright, the list goes on. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to become a professional photographer. If you love it though, it's worth it. These photos are the product of that hard work.

Jake Blauvelt, Park City, Utah. PHOTO: Blotto
Pat Moore, Calgary, Canada. PHOTO: Cole Barash
Jack Mitrani, Park City, Utah. PHOTO: Blotto

John Jackson, Silverton, Colorado. PHOTO: Cole Barash

Johnny Lyall, Mt. Seymour, B.C., Canada. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Jake Welch, Montreal, Canada. PHOTO: Ian Ruhter

Shaun McKay, Sicamous, B.C., Canada. PHOTO: Russel Dalby

All Copyright to Photographers and Transworld Snowboarding

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