07 June 2011

Winter's Pleasures

I know most of the resorts have closed, the snow has stopped falling, and we have moved to half assed post-season edits for our snowboarding fix, but it's never been a crime to dream. This is a little excerpt from a writing project this year, it reminds us that there's more to snowboarding than slush and sunburns. Hope you enjoy!

       Standing at the top of the run, I looked down at the blank, white page in front of me. The snow falls around me, flopping onto my face like the soft feathers of a goose, gracing the trees like whipped cream on a freshly baked pie. Slowly, I shift my weight and point my snowboard down the mountain, its white chutes like the beard of an old man. As I move downhill, I feel the snow underneath my feet, pushing back as I power through a turn, the light, fluffy spray falling slowly behind me.I slash quickly through the powdery snow, feeling the cool rush of pow hit my cheeks. It's cold but refreshing. As the cloud of snow clears, I come out smiling ear-to-ear, ready to do it again.

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