15 May 2011

Spring Break with COMUИE

So basically this is up there with one of the greatest things I have ever watched and I would like to share this with the whole entire world, because it really shows what the heart snowboarding is all about. This is pretty much everything I'm about in snowboarding. Sure there's no rails, or halfpipe, or any sort of man-made terrain park, but this video shows us how to have fun in mother nature's terrain park. This video show us that snowboarding is about finding that peace in the outdoors and enjoying yourself. Taking it back to the roots.


The video's description from COMUИE:

It didn’t snow in Tahoe for almost the entire month of January. Out of curiosity and boredom Corey Smith decided to attempt to build some handmade snowboards. He was interested in long boarding style in surfing and exploring similar concepts on snow. He wanted to deconstruct contemporary snowboarding down to its simplest element and find beauty in simply turning. "I’ve always wanted to explore and experiment with snowboarding as a physical outlet of creativity," states Smith. So he ended up building some experimental snowboards. When it finally did snow record amounts in Tahoe he was glad it did. These boards provided a completely unique snowboarding experience and opened up a world of terrain previously inaccessible on traditional snowboards. Some of the boards were incredibly functional and some were purely conceptual. All the boards also serve as one of kind pieces of functional artwork.

"Building and riding these boards has been one of the best experiences I’ve had snowboarding." - Corey Smith

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